Delay-tolerant Networking at UMIACS


This node is a member of dtnbone, a collection of nodes that run Delay-tolerant Networking (DTN) bundle agents and applications. Our goal is to help provide resources for interoperability testing across various network links and eventually open access to a testbed to the community for research applications.

See the DTNRG wiki page for more information. Contact calvin@umiacs for more information on connectivity or anything else.


dtnbone is currently running the DTN2 reference implementation. We currently run both the TCP and UDP convergence layers, with different implementations to come soon.

Connect to us:

  ip:, 4556/{tcp,udp}
  eid: dtn:// (will be renamed to umiacs.umd.dtn soon)
  active registrations: ping, sink
  software: DTN-2.6.0

Network Map

dtnbone Network Layout
Network map still under construction.


Last updated: Mon Jan 25 09:32:33 EST 2010